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About Us

MEDCIS Pathlabs India Private Limited has emerged as a Clinical Investigation Services provider of world-class healthcare services at affordable costs, in all medical branches. With increased use of global technology in diagnosis, MEDCIS Pathlabs is committed in helping improve the quality of patient care by providing reports that support clinical decision-making for doctors.

MEDCIS has build on strategy to deliver integrated testing solutions to our customers.

Rather than competing with its clients for physician office business, MEDCIS instead chooses to support clients’ existing test menus by offering highly complex and unique Quality of lab tests, with accompanying consultative support, to enhance their abilities to provide laboratory services.

MEDCIS began its operations from November 2010, its timely service and quality reports have helped to spread its presence in everycorner of India in a short span of time. MEDCIS has registered franchises and additionally extended its branches all over India. MEDCIS is providing hospital lab management services to few hospitals.

MEDCIS aims to provide clinical results on time reflecting quality, accuracy at affordable costs using world class technology.


Our vision is to become the world’s top healthcare service provider at affordable prices with an aim to become a global network of highly automated and sophisticated diagnostic laboratories without compromise on accuracy, quality, technology, standards, customer contentment and morals.



  • We recognize the value of health and are guided towards creation of healthier community.
  • Provide world class healthcare services at affordable costs.
  • Emphasis on quality, time, accuracy, moral factors in service..
  • Continued commitment in evidence a based diagnosis over opinion based.
  • Building a professional work environment with respect to personnel and an opportunity for personal and professional growth.
  • Achieve excellence in health service education,
  • Emerge as a preferred Global R&D hub and clinical trials hub
  • Fostering a culture of innovation in all of our activities and supporting exemplary health sciences research.
  • Strengthening our relationship with Medial Professional, college, other Hospitals, agencies and our community.
  • Demonstrate social responsibility by adhering to stringent practices to protect against any potential for exposer.


  • WOffer highly complex and unique range of diagnostic services.
  • Offer entire range of clinical investigation services ontime with accuracy and at a affordable price.
  • Are committed in reliable, accurate and quality reports.
  • Provide detailed clinical interpretations to aid doctors in making right decision.
  • Choose to support Customers rather than competing for market concentration
  • Emphasis on quality, time, accuracy, moral factors in service..
  • Emphasis on quality, time, accuracy, moral factors in service..
  • Emphasis on quality, time, accuracy, moral factors in service..
  • Emphasis on quality, time, accuracy, moral factors in service..


  • MEDCIS Pathlabs is located at Secunderabad, the heart of Hyderabad easily accessible for samples reaching us out of Hyderabad
  • Easy accessibility of train and bus routes is an added advantage which helps us in timely reporting. MEDCIS PATHLABS is accessible 24 *7 at our office
  • We have approx. 15000sq.ft of spacious lab designed with well demarcated departments in Accordance with regulatory standards
  • MEDCIS PATHLABS uses world class technology, barcoded samples, and integrated network Technology for reporting

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